Why even good embryos don’t Implant?

A very common question being asked after an IVF failure, in spite of transferring good quality embryos. In fact a very frustrating moment for the infertility specialist also.

The couple and the treating specialist usually develop high expectations after seeing beautiful embryos on the monitor. But reality is an implantation rate of 25-40%.

Another tendency is to blame the uterus as the cause of failure as embryos seemed very good at the time of transfer. But this is not true.

In 2/3 of the implantation failures the uterine receptivity is the major causes and in approximately 1/3 the embryo quality, as all good looking embryos are not genetically normal.

Implantation failure doesn’t always mean an uterus with some inherent defect or permanent inability to implant and grow a baby. As many of these patients may conceive with donor oocytes. The major cause of implantation failure in self cycle is hormonal effect on the endometrim due to stimulation process used on the ovaries. They alter the intrauterine environment with which the embryos interact.

Now few solutions to these problems which can work to some extent. Certain modifications in the stimultation protocols and freezing all resulting embryos and transfer after some time have promising results.

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