Surgical Sperm Retrieval

What is Surgical Sperm Retrieval required?

In cases of Azoospermia (no sperms in the ejaculate) a sperm retrieval procedure has to be performed by the Andrologist to obtain sperms from vas deferens (tubes transporting sperms) or testis.

In this a fine needle is used to aspirated fluid containing sperms from the epididymis. It is carried out in local anaesthesia, and is not very painful, and is done in few minutes. No surgical incision is given. The sperms retrieved are used in ICSI.

In this procedure the epididymis is exposed by microsurgery and epididymal fluid is collected after a micro incision in dilated tubules.

What is TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction)?

This is a method of choice when no sperms are obtained from epididymal fluid or in cases of Non Obstructive Azoospermia. In this testicular samples are taken by open excision or testicular biopsy.

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