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Best IVF Center near PANCHKULA

Fertility and IVF Center Near Panchkula

Reviva IVF is a leading fertility and IVF center near Panchkula, providing personalized services at transparent pricing. We offer a wide range of treatments through experts to help couples struggling with fertility concerns.

Our medical director, Dr. Sandeep Cheema Sohi, has over a decade of experience in ART and IVF. She is well-known among her clients for her patience, expertise, and empathy – three of the most important traits couples look for in their IVF doctors. She also has undergone in-depth training in ultrasonography and endoscopic surgery. Reviva IVF is her brainchild, which she brought to fruition to make IVF treatment accessible and affordable.


Reviva IVF is an IVF clinic in Chandigarh, just 10 km away from Panchkula. It is a super-specialty clinic that only focuses on male and female fertility-related concerns and treatments. Since our establishment in 2010, we have undertaken over 300 treatments every year with an astounding success rate of 70%. We have been able to help thousands of couples turn into parents and build the happy future they were dreaming of.

Our doctors will help you right from the get-go, advising tests based on the condition, zeroing in on the cause of fertility, and sketching the course of action. We have a team of specialists who will work together to provide complete support through the procedure.

IVF is a sensitive process that can be emotionally tiring. This is why our doctors are not just doctors – they are your support system throughout.

Your search for the best IVF clinic in Panchkula ends just 10 kilometers away from it in the wonderful city of Chandigarh. We also provide medical tourism facilities to help you make appropriate travel arrangements if the need arises.

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