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Vitrification Cryo


Embryo Vitrification

Embryos generated from IVF or ICSI procedures are affected by factors that exist within the environment and outside of it. As a result, there is a significant impact on embryo development and fetus growth. AH, an approach to aid hatchability for in vitro generated embryos, is an essential step for successful embryo implantation in the uterus.

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FAQs - Vitrification Cryopreservation Freezing

Vitrification is an egg freezing process in which water molecules in an embryo are removed and replaced with a cryoprotectant. The embryos are then plunged directly into liquid nitrogen. This sudden & drastic freezing creates a glass transition known as glass state. This reduces the formation of ice crystals as in slow cryofreezing. Once frozen embryos are contained within labeled sterile straws, which are immersed in liquid nitrogen. These can be safely stored like this for years.

Vitrification is a state-of-the-art technology we use to freeze eggs of women in a lab environment, almost like putting them in a time capsule. It’s incredibly effective, and it makes sure you don’t have to play a perpetual game of ping pong with your biological clock.

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The process of egg vitrification is really straightforward, and it’s pretty similar to the first half of an IVF treatment.


Your fertility specialist will begin by assessing your ovarian reserves through a blood test and ultrasound.


Consultation is followed by a gentle course of fertility medication that will catalyze your ovulation cycle.


Egg collection is performed under anesthesia with a fine needle to aspirate the mature eggs from the ovary.


Once a series of mature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries, they are quickly frozen with a technique called Vitrification.

The physicians advise patients to take rest for the entire day after the egg retrieval process. After this procedure, some cramping, pain, and soreness are normal, but this fades away within a week.

Although eggs can be stored as much time as females want, the odds of babies taking birth from eggs stored over 5 to 10 years are high. At the same time, studies suggest that success rates even after 14 years are also adequate. In simple words, the effectiveness of frozen eggs depends on how well freezing conditions are maintained and the quality of the eggs at the time of freezing.

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