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Our Doctors

Dr. Sandeep Cheema Sohi


Medical Director (MBBS, M.D. Gynae Infertility Specialist)

Dr. Sandeep Cheema Sohi, has become a renowned Infertility specialist in this region, acknowledged for her proficiency in ART. She is equipped with the inherent ability to solve the most difficult cases of Infertility. Communication skills and empathetic concern for patients are the added skills.

After advanced training in ART, ultrasonography and endoscopic surgery, Reviva Infertility Clinic was established and with in a short span of time we have started another Sister Unit in Patiala, Punjab. It promises to provide world class ART facilities to people of Punjab.

She is equipped with the inherent ability to solve the most difficult cases of Infertility. Communication skills and empathetic concern for patients are the added skills.

Dr. Manisha Mittal


Dr Manisha Mittal is the Chief Embryologist at Reviva Clinic and working with us since 2010. Her proficiency in various procedures like IVF, Oocyte Pickup, IUI, ICSI, and Sample Freezing makes her the best in this field. She has 30 years experience in the field of embryology. Her IVF results are always outstanding.

Dr. Satinder


Dr. Satinder has been with us since 2014 and has more than 12 years of experience in the field of Gynecology. She is proficient in infertility procedures like Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). She understands the patient problem arising due to infertility issues and encourages them to deal with the situation. She coordinates with every patient throughout the infertility treatment pathway. She maintains a good relationship with patient and supports them. Her commitment of doing right things in a right way leads her to success.

Dr. Rajan Sharma


Dr. Rajan Sharma is an Andrologist and reproductive health specialist . He has more than 20 years of working experience. He has been credited with various awards & achievement due to this great work. He is expertise in sperm surgical retrieval – TESA & PESA.

Dr. Harminder


Dr Harminder is IVF Counselor at Cheema Infertility Clinic Patiala, Sister unit of Reviva Infertility Clinic. She has lot of experience in counseling patients. She understands the need of every patient and counsels them in best possible way.

Dr. Akhand Parkash


Dr Akhand Parkash is a senior Embryologist at Reviva Clinic and has been working with us since 2019. He has 15 years of experience in the field of embryology. He has expertise in handling a vast scope of cases, ranging from simple procedures like sperm evaluation to complex conditions like egg freezing to help couples conceive.

Dr. Surinder Pal Singh Bedi


Dr. Surinder Pal Singh Bedi is an experienced anesthetist. He is renowned for his expertise in Anaesthetic for a wide range of surgical procedures, such as orthopaedic, gynaecological, ENT, and general and cardiac surgeries. He has been working in the anaesthetic field for over 18+ years.

Dr. Paramvir Singh


Dr Paramvir Singh is working as an Embrologist at Reviva Clinic He has 5+ years of experience in clinical, pharmaceutical and research sciences. He has performed high- complexity human in vitro fertilization procedures in fast-paced clinical laboratory. Driven, meticulous and dedicated.

IVF Staff

Ms. Jasdeep


Ms. Jasdeep is IVF Coordinator at Reviva Infertility & IVF Clinic and working here since 2010. She has excellent communication skills & is a multitasking person. Her optimistic approach towards every task keeps her best every time. She interacts with the patient to provide them proper knowledge of infertility treatment plans. Communicate with all staff members in order to give high-quality care to the patient.

Miss Asha


Ms Asha Kaith is an IVF Staff at Reviva Infertility Clinic, She assess need of every patient & also monitors the condition of patient during and post operation in recovery room. During the Oocyte pickups or Embryo transfer she assists everyone very efficiently & smoothly. She has vast knowledge of embryology and has practical hands on experience for sample preparation like IUI, PRP, and Cryofreezing etc.