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Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism for IVF in India

India is one of the famous destinations for global Medical Tourism. One can spend a good time by seeing tourist places along with treatment. Medical Tourism in India is rapidly fascinating people from different part of countries as it offers quality treatment at a very reasonable cost. Having a child is a universal dream of every parent. fertility problem fairly affects a large proportion of males and females equally all over the world. At Reviva Test Tube baby centre, team here works with the basic goal of providing a route for the couple to enjoy parenthood. Reviva fertility & IVF Clinic is situated in Chandigarh – A well planned, prosperous, green city rightly said “The City Beautiful” designed by famous Le Corbusier. Dr Sandeep Cheema Sohi, Director of Reviva fertility clinic, is a well-known fertility specialist in this region and is recognized for her proficiency in ART. We make you feel very comfortable during your fertility treatment sessions. Various fertility treatment options are available in our clinic to beat fertility. Complete fertility services IVF, IUI, ICSI are offered at our clinics i.e. Reviva fertility & IVF Clinic, Chandigarh and fertility Clinic, Patiala.

In Invitro fertilization (IVF), treatment is done on a day care basis, so no need to get hospitalized at all. You only need to make 2-4 visits to the clinic during the entire treatment cycle and after embryo transfer, you can fly back.

All the preliminary testing can be performed in your own country (you can get advice through interaction with us via e-mail), it will save your time spent in India. You only need to spend around 10-15 days at our clinic to complete IVF cycle. If you decide to proceed further, we’ll tell you detailed timeline of your treatment cycle and medication. For self IVF cycle, you need to visit on day2/3 of periods and for OD cycle (oocyte donation), you need to visit 1 week prior to your periods.

This IVF Centre at Chandigarh is distinguished for its wonderful success rate for test tube baby and IVF treatment. With the team of experienced staff, the clinic has become the most trusted IVF clinic in Chandigarh.

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