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Semen Test for Fertility

Semen analysis is carried out to determine the extent of male fertility. Men’s fertility can be due to a low count of viable sperms, abnormal sperm morphology and abnormalities of the seminal fluid.

Reviva provides world-class treatment and facilities to patients experiencing fertility. Our experienced reproductive endocrinologist carefully analyzes semen samples to see the healthiness & viability of sperm so that you can move forward with the process of becoming a parent.



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Semen Analysis For Male fertility

Semen analysis is a male fertility test in which semen samples can be analyzed to see the healthiness & viability of sperm. The seminal fluid consists of sperms & protein – sugar substances that are released during ejaculation. A semen analysis measures the three major factors. They are:

  • Sperm Count: The sperm count test evaluates the number of sperm per sample to determine if the sperm count is too low.
  • Morphology: This test is conducted to calculate the percentage of sperm with a normal form (NF) in the total sample.
  • Motility: Sperm motility tests examine the ability of the sperm to swim the right way.

Once you book an appointment, there are certain things that you need to know moving forward.

To provide the most accurate results, ejaculation should be avoided for two to five days before your analysis appointment.

When you arrive at the fertility Center a private room will be provided where you will collect the semen sample in a sterile container.

Samples can also be collected at home if you feel uncomfortable in the clinic.

This sample should be collected in a sterile container and brought to the fertility center within one hour.

Semen Parameter Reference Value (WHO 2010)
Volume 1.5 ml
Sperm Concentration 15 million/ml
Total Sperm Count 39 million
Motility (% Progressive) 32%
Vitality (% live) 58%
Morphology (% Normal) 4%

DNA Fragmentation test is done to check the DNA damage of sperms. The test is known as Sperm Chromatin Dispersion Test. We use the Haloview DNA technique to determine the DNA damage. The method is useful for those cases having

  • Recurrent Miscarriages
  • Poor Embryo Quality
  • Poor Blastocyst formation
  • Arrested Embryo

Sperm Banking is recommended for those men who have medical conditions that can damage their sperm. Fertility preservation is the way to restore fertility. They are indicated for the following patients.

  • Chemotherapy treatments / Radiotherapy
  • Less number of sperm due to illness
  • Men about to undergo a sex-change operation.
  • Men with other concerns about future fertility
  • Surgery that could affect future fertility.

Reviva Infertility clinic is renowned and one of the best semen analysis centers in Chandigarh. If you’re experiencing infertility for years, our semen analysis experts can help. Book an appointment or call us at 9915004407.

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