Preconception Checklist

When you are trying to conceive, it’s especially important to make sure that, both physically and emotionally you are prepared for this.

There are many factors affecting fertility. Some of the following health and life style changes will help you in reaching your goal of pregnancy.

General Health Checkup

A preconception checkup with your fertility doctor is the first step. This visit includes a general physical examination, Breast examination, recording of your height and weight, Blood pressure and specific examination. You will undergo certain tests like Pap smear and blood tests like Rh blood status, your sugar levels, your thyroid status and hemoglobin level along with regular screening. Testing for sexually transmitted disease is also important .Your rubella immunity status is checked.

Folate Intake

Folic acid prevents neural tube defect like spina bifida. Ideally folic acid should be started three months prior to conception, but if you hope to conceive earlier than this, sooner you start the better.

In addition the folate rIch food is spinach, broccoli, berries ,Eggs, chick peas, Soya beans, oranges and grape fruit.Folate can be taken alone or with other pre-pregnancy supplement.

Rubella Vaccination

After checking your rubella immunity status vaccination is required. If you are not immune.

Optimal Weight

Weight issue is important in both men and women. If BMI >25, Try to lower it.Simillarly women who are under weight BMI

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Protein such as bean, Meat, Fish, Eggs and pulses are to be incorporated according to your choice. You also need to consume complex carbohydrate, whole grains and plenty of calcium as in dairy products. Try to keep a relatively low fat diet, and to include mainly healthy fats as olive oil. Excessive addictive as colors, Flavors and preservatives to be avoided. Other most important thing is to drink plenty of water. Caffeine should be avoided.


To maintain optimal BMI is important. A reasonable level of fitness should be maintained.

  • Avoid Excessive Heat
  • Emotional Health

Finally maintaining a positive mental status is very important to increase chances of conception.

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