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The most common question asked in IVF counsellings is “Doctor, as we have heard, we need to do complete bed rest after embryo transfer or I can move around. Do you think 15 days leave is sufficient.”

So it’s time to give away this myth forever now. The implantation of embryos placed inside your uterus after embryo transfer depends upon three most important factors   –

  • Quality of eggs
  • Quality of sperms
  • Receptivity of endometrium.

Moreover uterus is a collapsed cavity with opposins walls and a closed cervix. If the embryos are placed inside the uterus at their proper position then few minutes after embryo transfer they remain at their same stable position and in no ways they will fall down even if you stand after the embryo transfer.

Going by literature, various studies have been conducted in which pregnancy rates were compared between the groups who were made to get up 20 minutes after the embryo transfer and those made to rest for varying periods from 3 minutes to even 24 hours in some centers. But no difference was found in the pregnancy rate and the live birth rate. In certain systemic reviews and meta analysis it has been shown that complete bed rest might negatively affect the outcome of IVF/ICSI cycle and the cause may be stress and anxiety mechanism.

So a lot of evidence is against the bed rest factor. Even at Reviva we have seen pregnancy rate comparable between the bed rest and no bed rest groups. I can recall many positive results even in those patients who jump out of bed even half an hour after transfer and those joining their offices the very next day. But inspite of clinical evidence we daily come across patients who had undergone failed cycles at other centers or one of their relatives had undergone treatment elsewhere and were advised complete bed rest after transfer and to the extent that they were kept hospitalized for 24 hours. All this increases the anxiety factor in the patient. Very obvious that lying on bed the whole day is not easy and the thought process is totally focused on one thing and more of stress and negative feelings. How do you think it’s going to help the success rate. And if unluckily the results negative than the female takes the whole burden on her. She thinks it didn’t work because she didn’t have sufficient rest.

So our advice to all our patients, don’t go on house arrest of 2 weeks. Take it easy and carry out with your normal activities. Rest is not going to influence your outcome. So relax, be normal and wait for nature to do its best.


In about 50% of our patients, being taken for IVF, the oocyte quality or quantity is the major concern. It’s very easy for us to show you the path of egg donation as it is a routine for us. But we know it is not that simple for you. Though it carries a very high success rate, but psychological implications on the recipient are very high.

The major indications for IVF with donor oocytes in REVIVA are –

  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Menopause
  • Decreased ovarian reserve
  • Endometriosis
  • Recurrent self cycle failures with no proven endometrial or male factor.
  • Genetic causes.

It takes time for the couple to accept the option of Donor eggs, but usually the desire of having a family overcomes this hesitation.

The most important concern of the couple is the quality of genes transmitted to the child. Though the anonymous egg donor is being matched to the recipient as far as possible, the concern always remains in majority of recipient; they are satisfied with their gestational contribution which creates a strong bond.

Another way of dealing with it is to keep the information of type of cycle between the couple only, it will serve you from interrogation eyes and any future problems will be avoided.

On positive note egg donation is associated with many benefit. The most important since eggs are derived from a young woman, they are more likely to produce chromosomally normal embryos and so risk of abortions and birth defects is less.

So, though egg donation is not the first choice of anyone, but it is treatment with very high success rate where it is indicated.


This is a clinical entity where the uterine lining cells are present outside the uterus, usually, ovaries. The incidence is in reproductive age group.

This condition effects your chances of conceiving by decreasing number and quality of eggs, causing pelvic adhesions and hence tubal blockage toxic microenvironment and also effects endometrium receptivity. (2-10 % in women in general population and 20-30% in infertile group)

Women with endometriosis are 5% less likely to continue naturally even in cases of mild endometriosis. In severe endometriosis the fertility decrease is much higher.

Now since endometriosis is an on-going process, so when diagnosed we tell the patient to plan early. Even after surgical removal of endometriotic cyst, the non visible endometriotic spots continue to release toxins which can effect your fertility. And if patient doesn’t take any treatment after surgery and doesn’t conceive within six months, the pre-surgical state may come again. So postsurgery aggressive treatment is required in cases of grade 3-4 and those with grade 1 and 2 are advised to plan early either naturally or IUI.


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Well-being may be the most vital part during pregnancy. There would be both mental furthermore physical changes,even then you need to be in your healthiest so as to provide the best nature’s domain to your child. In order to cope up with the physical changes, one ought to think of meditation.


  1. DISPOSE OF CRAVINGS – Craving is one of the normal part during pregnancy. Here and there it may be challenging to oppose cravings to bad things. Contemplation might make used to viably address these cravings.
  2. LESSEN STRESS – Now and then pregnancy may not be simple. Tension, anxiety, stress, all are normal things during pregnancy. Excessive anxiety and stress can put negative sway on your well-being and also for your baby’s well-being. Meditation can diminish anxiety and might be carried out anyplace.
  3. ENHANCES SLEEP – Sufficient rest is necessary for you and your infant. Meditation enhances sleep. With sufficient rest and sleep, those temperament and level claiming vitality will enhance.