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How To Select Your IVF Clinic in Chandigarh

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IVF is an extensive procedure that may involve frequent visits to the clinic, regular talks with your doctor, and the need for constant support. This is why it is important to choose an IVF centre in Chandigarh that gives you the required attention and treats you well.

But how do you find a good IVF clinic? What are the factors that you must consider? Our article today is all about it.

We will help you distinguish clinics based on multiple parameters including emotional support, care, and compassion, which are paramount in sensitive procedures like IVF.

Reach out to friends and family for referrals

We are strong advocates of referrals because personal experience is the most reliable form of feedback. If anyone you know has sought IVF treatment, reach out to them and ask them about the doctor/clinic. You can also ask the clinics you are interested in for referrals. Reputed clinics are usually happy to share the details.

While speaking to them, ask about the entire journey and their overall experience. This will help you learn if a clinic needs to be avoided completely.

Speak to the doctor directly

A hearty conversation with the doctor will tell you a lot about what you can expect. It is crucial to create a healthy relationship with the doctor who will treat you because he/she will be your support system for a long while.

Be open about your concern and see how the doctor responds. If he/she only seems interested in speaking about the treatment, it is a red flag. Genuine, compassionate doctors are willing to help you, answer your questions, and walk the path with you. These are the doctors you should seek.

Another very important factor here is the doctor’s time. Since IVF is not a one-session procedure, you have to be sure that the doctor has time for you, regardless of how many other patients he treats. This will be clear once you get in touch a couple of times and see how long you have to wait. After the first visit, even if you like the doctor thus, do not take hasty decisions or make the advance payment.

Will the treatment be customized?

In case the first cycle does not work, the doctor should ideally tweak the treatment for the next. Reputed doctors follow this approach because everyone’s condition is unique and the same template treatment may not work for everyone.

If your case is unique, do they have the required expertise?

Almost all clinics are well-equipped to deal with regular IVF procedures. But, if you have a difficult condition, this particular factor will be important for you. Even if the clinic/doctor has been in business for years, the experience will not count if they haven’t dealt with cases similar to yours. So, make sure you get that information from them as well.

How good is the clinic?

Since, along with the doctor, you will also be dealing with staff members, you should assess how good the clinic is. Here are a few things to ask yourself:

  • Is the staff courteous and kind?
  • Are all hygiene practices being followed?
  • Is the clinic a super-specialty clinic or multi-specialty clinic? Especially in these uncertain times, it is best to choose a super-specialty clinic. The doctors and staff members will be dedicated to IVF and not be distracted by other emergencies.
  • Do they have the latest equipment to cater to your condition? A little background research and a talk with your OB/GYN will help you understand this.

Are they being honest?

Pushy clinics are bad news. They will be too eager to push their services instead of honestly assessing your condition and helping you accordingly.

In case you need donor eggs, they may also push you to choose what they offer instead of letting you use your own eggs.

Such situations can be tricky but you can understand whether a clinic is trustworthy by the way they approach you, speak to you, and suggest a way forward. Good clinics will not be pushy or complacent. The doctor will not just advise but also give you reasons behind the recommendation.

IVF is an emotionally tiring process. Having an understanding doctor who supports you through the difficult journey will make it considerably easy. So, choose wisely.

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