Financial Aspects: IVF / IUI Cost

All this is done without effecting quality of services


At Reviva Clinic we offer the most transparent and within reach IVF facilities in the region. All this is done without effecting quality of services and our success rate.

Though Infertility treatments especially IVF/ICSI are expensive but having a baby is Priceless. To make the whole thing cost effective we need to know the cause of Infertility and then plan the treatment accordingly. To do multiple IUI cycles in a patient of decreased Ovarian Reserve, or moderate to severe Male factor or mild tubal pathology is more costly than a single cycle of IVF. But obviously the success rate is more for IVF than IUI.

We try to make you understand the total cost of the IVF cycle before you commit to the treatment cycle. Below are the charges for various Infertility Treatments including IVF/ICSI at our Clinic:

Services included in our IVF Plan Cost:

  1. Ultrasound for ovarian stimulation monitoring. Blood test during procedure.
  2. Anesthesia fee.
  3. Oocyte retrieval procedure and all disposables.
  4. Embryology charges for IVF/ICSI / culture.
  5. Embryo transfer procedure.
  6. OT and IVF lab charges.
  7. Day care hospitalization services.

Services not included in Investigations before IVF

  1. All medications and injections for stimulation.
  2. Vitrification and storage.
  3. Monitoring of pregnancy.
Consultation Fee Rs 500
Ultrasound Rs 500
Follicular Monitoring Rs 900
IUI (self) Rs 4000
Donor IUI Rs 4000
IVF/ICSI Rs 75,000 Plus Injections.
Testicular Biopsy Rs 7,000
Endometrial Biopsy Rs 5000
Hysterolaproscopy Rs 40,000
Vitrification Rs 30,000
Thawing Cycle Rs 30,000
TESA/PESA Rs 30,000
Donor Eggs Rs 50,000
Assisted Hatching Rs 5000
PICSI Rs 5000

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